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Artists + Writers = Dopeness

This video, submitted to us by the uncomparable talents of visual artist Torkwase Dyson and writer/editor/publisher Tisa Bryant, about why they are coming to Fire & Ink III: Cotillion showcases not only the genius on its way to Austin, but the hilarious and loving spirit as well.

The words are coming thick and fast …

The planning for Fire & Ink III: Cotillion has been well under way for over a year — but now that planning is hitting full steam. We’ve just received a bucketful of abstracts on topics so fierce we’re going to make you wait on bated breath for a minute before we drop it on ya.

Habari Gani – Umoja!

Happy Holidays! The first day of Kwanzaa, December 26th, celebrates Umoja, or Unity. Fire & Ink is recognized as the most influential supporter and advocate for GLBT writers of African descent.