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Lula Bell

New Board Member – Lula-Bell

Fire and Ink welcomes its newest Board Member. We are excited to welcome aboard Steven J. “Lula-Bell” Fields . He is a multicultural mental health counselor, writer, music/food/arts enthusiast, sexual health educator, mentor, “mother” and a “comprehending vs.

Planning for Success

This past weekend, January 9-11, 2009, we held our first-ever Fire & Ink Board & Planning Retreat at Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change. Some wonderful pictures are posted below, and on Facebook Group.

The words are coming thick and fast …

The planning for Fire & Ink III: Cotillion has been well under way for over a year — but now that planning is hitting full steam. We’ve just received a bucketful of abstracts on topics so fierce we’re going to make you wait on bated breath for a minute before we drop it on ya.