Fire & Ink Presents! DC Black Pride

“Why Do You Write/Read and How Do You Succeed?” Join panelists Yolo Akili, Aaron Anson, Jade Foster, Bettina Judd, Michelle Sewell and Alan Sharpe as they discuss what motivates them to produce work, and how the books they read and the lives they live inform their writing in terms of subject matter, style, form, target audience and other literary choices. These authors will also tackle the complex question of what “success” means to them as individuals, artists and educators in today’s literary and media marketplace and how they are striving to achieve that success. Moderated by Lisa C. Moore, and hosted by Fire & Ink!

Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hamilton Ballroom, 1001 14th St. NW (corner of 14th & K St. NW), Washington, DC 20005

Noon-2 p.m. Saturday, May 28, 2011; free!

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I had a great time! I wish the panel had gone longer, and that everyone had time to present a good feel of their work–but alas, that’s what introductions and sharing a lil bit of work is all about. Thanks for having us!

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