Lula Bell

New Board Member – Lula-Bell

Fire and Ink welcomes its newest Board Member. We are excited to welcome aboard Steven J. “Lula-Bell” Fields . He is a multicultural mental health counselor, writer, music/food/arts enthusiast, sexual health educator, mentor, “mother” and a “comprehending vs.

Dr. Cathy Cohen

Not the Civil Rights Movement – Queering Black Liberation

To commemorate the weekend of Dr. King’s birth, as LGBTQI people of African Descent who are writers, publishers, documentarians, poets, content creators, living ancestors, we are often riddled with questions on how to adequately approach conversations of race and sexual orientation in our work.

Thank you, Triangle Pride!

We had a great time at Triangle Black Pride in Raleigh, NC on July 30, 2011. The author/publishers featured, Uriah Bell, Zelda Lockhart and Morei Robinson, had a lot to share about the different kinds of publishing available to new and aspiring writers.

Fire & Ink Presents! Triangle Black Pride

“By Any Means Necessary: How Black LGBT Writers Get Published.” Join panelists Uriah Bell, Zelda Lockhart and Morei Robinson as they discuss a history of black LGBT publishing, and the differences between traditional publishing, self-publishing, print-on-demand and electronic publishing.

Thank you, Memphis Pride!

A big thank you to everyone who came to learn more about Fire & Ink, donated to Fire & Ink, and gathered books written by black LGBTQ authors.

Thank you, Newark-Essex Black Pride!

Check out the fabulous recap of Fire & Ink Presents! at Newark-Essex Black Pride last night in Newark, NJ.

Thank you, DC Black Pride!

Thanks to everybody who came out to Fire & Ink Presents! at DC Black Pride. We had a great crowd, and some really, really good questions about the importance of reading and writing.

Fire & Ink Presents! Newark-Essex Black Pride

“Why Do You Write/Read and How Do You Succeed?” Join panelists Cheril N. Clarke, Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene, John Keene, Tawanna Sullivan, and Rev. Kevin E.

Fire & Ink Presents! DC Black Pride

“Why Do You Write/Read and How Do You Succeed?” Join panelists Yolo Akili, Aaron Anson, Jade Foster, Bettina Judd, Michelle Sewell and Alan Sharpe as they discuss what motivates them to produce work, and how the books they read and the lives they live inform their writing in terms of subject m

For Colored Boys…

…well, not just for colored boys! Come to the Tenth Anniversary Reunion Reading of  “For Colored Boys… who have considered s-curls when the hot comb was enuf.” This staged reading, based on the poetry of Fire & Ink board member Marvin K.