Artists + Writers = Dopeness

This video, submitted to us by the uncomparable talents of visual artist Torkwase Dyson and writer/editor/publisher Tisa Bryant, about why they are coming to Fire & Ink III: Cotillion showcases not only the genius on its way to Austin, but the hilarious and loving spirit as well. How about you? Submit your video here.

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I’ve never been to a Fire&Ink event, but what they are saying in the video is very valid. I’m primarily a graphic designer (but I’m a writer as well) and we are a very well-connected community locally, statewide and even nationwide. What usually happens at design events is you meet people, you exchange info, you make friends, you make business partners, you get a foot in the industry door because that person you meet remembers you and your talent. I think Fire&Ink is a great catalyst for discussion and networking for the writing community! Or at least it could be.

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